Afac vows


Afac vows

Like every year, our Board of Directors put in place the program of races and its funding. With around three hundred horses in training, knowing that France Galop and the PMU require a minimum of runners, it is not easy to create a program for the different ages, genders and distances. We do our best so that everybody is satisfied.

We are also in charge of distributing the funding of our program on the basis of its different sources. On a total of more than 3 million euros, 840,000 euros come from the Fonds Commun France Galop. The rest is mainly due to sponsors and from a not inconsiderable sum from the different entry fees.

For around eighty-four races per year, the amount we receive from the Fonds Commun places us underneath thoroughbreds and national hunt horses, whereas our training and breeding costs are the same. Our runners are finally the ones who cost the Institution the least, whereas at the same time our sponsors also support thoroughbred races; the Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe is one for instance. So, even if we have less horses in training, we may represent the future of races. We are a part of these new breeders, owners or bettors the institution is looking for: a new generation from another horizon.

Today, the Purebred Arabian races are most of the time very nice events, appreciated by everybody, in France and in the world. The Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe has had Trêve. We have Al Mourtajez, the hero of the Qatar Arabian World Cup, with an allocation of 1 million euros. Bred in France by Hassan Mousli, Nada Moussali and F. Al Elweet, he won 1,236,462 euros in allocations and owners’ bonuses and 131,102 euros in breeders’ bonuses.

At last, we continue our effort in order to guarantee the perfect integrity of Purebred Arabian races. The rule of the three generations, proposed by the IFHAR, is still in process. To all, I wish you for this season, a lot of success on the South West racecourses, but also in France and abroad.

Yves Plantin,