(By prize-money in France)

#    Owners                                                 Horses         Runners     Wins             Prize money (€)

1    Al Shaqab Racing                                34                110             20                 955,500

2    Royal Cavalry of Oman                       22                64               13                 299,450

3    H.H. Sheikh Abdullah b. Khalifa Al Thani             13               23                 2 281,100

4    H.H. Sheikh Mansoor b. Zayed Al Nahyan            16               57                 11          278,700

5    Athbah Stud                                        3                  12               7                   228,600

Al Shaqab Racing keeps its first place among the owners, thanks to Al Mourtajez but also to the best French 3yo colt, Metrag.

Third last year, the Royal Cavalry of Oman keeps progressing and step up a place with the very good results of Alsaker and Sylvine Al Maury, their best representatives in 2016.

Absent from the five first last year, His Highness Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan takes the fourth place thanks to the good performances of Naziq, Dahham and Ziyadd.

Athbah Stud also appears in fifth place with his leader, the good Mehdaaf Athbah, runner-up of Al Mourtajez in the Qatar Arabian World Cup (Gr. I PA).


(By prize money in France)

#   Trainers                       Horses     Runners Wins       Prize money (€)

1   Thomas Fourcy           39            114        20            960,250

2   Élisabeth Bernard        36            99          17            415,400

3   Alban de Mieulle         10            17          2              287,800

4   Philippe Sogorb          15            47          7              287,650

5   Damien de Watrigant  17            72          3              251,800

Thomas Fourcy is once again at the top of the list. It is true that he is the mentor of the champion Al Mourtajez, but he also succeeded well in terms of wins. In 2015, he had 18 wins whereas in 2016, he had 20.

Élisabeth Bernard keeps her second place of the 2015 season. Among his successes, let’s keep in mind Alsaker in the Qatar Derby des Pur-Sang Arabes de 4 ans (Gr. I PA) and Naziq in the Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Juments (Gr. I PA).

Alban de Mieulle takes the place of another trainer who works in Qatar, Julian Smart, in third position. With only a few runners, he managed to register the most important prize money with the successes of Tayf in the Prix Dormane (Gr. III PA) and Samaa in the Qatar Arabian Trophy des Pouliches (Gr. I PA).


(By prize money in France)

#    Breeders                                    Horses    Runners Wins      Prize money (€)

1    Nada Mousalli                          15           46          12          58,602

2    H.H. Sheikh Mansoor b. Zayed Al Nahyan            14          57 11     53,508

3    H.E. Joaan b. Hamad Al Thani 10           41          7            42,385

4    H.H. Sheikh Abdullah b. Khalifa Al Thani            5            18 2       36,421

5    Faiz Al Elweet                           8             29          8            33,581

Nada Mousalli steps on the highest step of the podium after taking the second place last year. Indeed, she could count on Al Mourtajez but also on Alsaker. The mare Macha’allah also highlighted this bloodstock by winning two races in the Mediterranean Championship for Purebred Arabians.

First in 2015, His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s breeding steps down a step. Dahham’s three successes –including two Group I PAs– Naziq’s success in the Qatar Arabian Trophy des Pouliches (Gr. I PA) and the three success of Thabit in the Coupe du Sud-Ouest des Pur-Sang Arabes (Gr. III PA) also allowed him to stay in the top part of the list.

His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani appears with young horses trained by Thomas Fourcy like Motrag, winner of the Qatar Arabian Trophy des Poulains (Gr. I PA) in front of Zikreet, another horse bred by Sheikh Joaan. We can also mention Metrag, a two time winner in front of Mehdaaf Athbah, future second of the Qatar Arabian World Cup (Gr. I PA).


(By prize money in France)

#   Jockeys                           Horses     Runners Wins       Prize money (€)

1   Julien Augé                     23            46          13           771,950

2   Olivier Peslier                 13            17          3             281,650

3   Jean-Bernard Eyquem    25            45          8             234,350

4   Pierre-Charles Boudot    2              3            0             209,000

5   François-Xavier Bertras 21            99          11           180,450

Associated to the Al Shaqab Racing silks and to Thomas Fourcy’s training, Julien Augé stays first like in 2015. He was associated to Al Mourtajez in the World Cup, but also rode the good Alsaker, trained by Élisabeth Bernard.

Olivier Peslier, who rides Alban de Mieulle’s horses for His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani, appears in the rankings. With only three wins he takes the second place. He won with Samaa in the Qatar Arabian Trophy des Pouliches (Gr. I PA) at the end of the year.

Jean-Bernard Eyquem who often rides Élisabeth Bernard’s horses, takes the third place. He rode two very good fillies, Naziq and Sylvine Al Maury, both Group I PA winners.



(By prize money in France)

#     HORSES (G/A)                        RACES            WINS                   PRIZE MONEY (€)

1     Al Mourtajez (C/6)                    3                       3                           562,415

2     Mehdaaf Athbah (C/4)              7                       2                           221,800

3     Tayf (C/4)                                  3                       1                           213,040

4     Alsaker (C/4)                             3                       3                           153,660

5     Naziq (F/4)                                4                       2                           134,216

6     Gazwan (C/5)                            4                       2                           134,216

7     Khataab (C/4)                            5                       2                           88,097

8     Valentin (C/7)                           5                       0                           60,439

9     Thabit (C/4)                               9                       3                           60,439

10   Jeyoosh (F/4)                             4                       0                           49,302

Like last year, seeing Al Mourtajez at the top of the list is not a surprise, after being able to sign a double win in the Qatar Arabian World Cup (Gr. I PA) where Mehdaaf Athbah took a beautiful second place, confirming his progress and the ambitions of the Saudi Arabian stables of Athbah Stud [see the interview of its manager in TFPA No. 38]. Alsaker, unbeaten in 2016 in France, confirms the quality he showed at 3yos and Naziq truly affirmed herself. These two horses are trained by Élisabeth Bernard.


(By prize money in France)

#     Sires                        Foals           Winners      Wins           Prize money (€)        Prize money/product

1     Munjiz                     28               4                  6                  296,847        6,878

2     Dahess                    8                 4                  5                  180,765        14,337

3     Amer                       5                 3                  4                  170,564        23,290

4     Mahabb                   8                 2                  4                  128,972        11,481

5     Majd Al Arab         3                 2                  2                  86,680          18,333

Second in 2014 and 2015, the Wathba Stud Farm stallion Munjiz is finally on the highest step of the podium. He was put forward thanks to the good Damien de Watrigant colt, Ahzar, winner of the Prix Tidjani (Gr. III PA) and third of the Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Poulains (Gr. I PA), but also with the very regular filly Dive du Paon, beaten by only a head in the French Breeders’ Challenge for fillies - Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup (Gr. II PA). Dahess rises from the fifth to the second place and could count on the good performances of Djaikiri Safinat. This Thomas Fourcy trained filly who carries the Royal Cavalry of Oman silks won the Prix Nevada II (Gr. III PA) last year before finishing second of the Qatar Arabian Trophy des Pouliches (Gr. I PA). Like last year, Amer stays third. He was highlighted thanks to the beautiful Motrag. Trained by Thomas Fourcy for Al Shaqab Racing, he ended his year by a nice success in the Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Poulains (Gr. I PA).


(By prize money in France)

#    Sires                     Foals             Winners         Wins            Prize money (€)       Prize money/Products

1    Amer                    32                 13                  19                1,175,310    31,389

2    Dahess                  23                 6                    9                  825,359       31,245

3    Munjiz                  43                 8                    12                474,825       7,440

4    Mahabb                18                 5                    9                  333,319       12,813

5    Majd Al Arab       14                 5                    6                  170,835       9,553

Amer takes the lead back from his son Dahess thanks to Khataab, winner of the French Arabian Breeders’ Challenge Classic (Gr. II PA) at Toulouse at the end of the season and Rawah, winner of the Prix Nefta (Gr. II PA) for the second year in a row. Dahess is still very well placed, once again the success of Al Mourtajez, winner of three Group 1 PAs including the double win in the Qatar Arabian World Cup (Gr. I PA). Munjiz, just like in 2015, keeps the third place. The Wathba Stud Farm sire could count on Sylvine Al Maury, winner of the Doha Cup - Prix Manganate (Gr. I PA) at Deauville and Muraaqib, winner of the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup - Prix Carthage-Hannibal (Gr. II PA).

Among the 3yo horses or the older ones, the same trio of stallions, Amer, Dahess and Munjiz stand at the three first places. They were already there last year.


SINCE 2010


2016          84                   771                    3,072,750

2015          81                   790                    3,010,000

2014          81                   687                    2,927,400

2013          84                   693                    2,659,950

2012          83                   674                    2,582,650

2011          83                   719                    2,081,900

2010          75                   608                    1,677,000