Rodess du Loup won the Qatar Derby des Pur-sang Arabes de 4 ans on June 17th. This victory, beyond the confines of the mere sporting, has also a breeding aspect to it. For the sire and dam of this Group winner hail from the same bloodline: Nevada II. This victory has afforded us the opportunity of giving a voice to those who shaped this family over a number of decades.

The name of Nevada II (Djanor) crops up in the female line of at least fifty Group I PA winners, including four victors of the Qatar Arabian World Cup. This is a considerable amount considering that the protegée of Jules Lamaison, born in 1955, only generated seven daughters: six of whose records are traceable. This bloodline is also responsible for some high class stallions such as Chéri Bibi (Baroud III), Dahess (Amer) and Kerbella (Kesberoy). Gazwan (Amer), part of the current crop of top class racers, also traces to the line. Going back a few decades, the depletion of these lines would have been an essential pre-condition for writing these type of articles. However, in this computer age, everything leads to the conclusion that it is those with experience of interacting with the big names of the Arabian Stud Book which has real value. This article is therefore centred around their testimonies. At the same time, we have backed this up with data which enables you to relate to this family. The object isn’t to overwhelm the reader with a welter of information as only those progeny with Group I PA form are listed.


NEVADA II 1955 (Djanor ex Namouna, by Alaric V)

            Quesada (Saint Laurent)

                        Key du Cassou (Baroud III)

                                   KAOE DE GHAZAL (Kesberoy), second in the International Malazgirt Trophy (Gr. I PA)

                                               KISS DE GHAZAL (Dormane), Qatar French Arabian Breeders’ Challenge, Arabian Trophy & UK Arabian Derby (Gr. Is PA)

                                   Colchique de Ghazal (Djou Said)

                                               CHAMADE DE GHAZAL (Dormane), second in the Prix Kesberoy (Gr. I PA)

                        Laida du Cassou (Baroud III)

                                   Edele de Carrère (Djourman)

                                               JALAB AL KHALIDIAH (Amer), Prix Manganate (Gr. I PA)

                                   Okie du Cassou (Baroud III)

                                               Akie Croix Noire (Tidjani)

                                                           ASRAA MIN ALBARQ (Amer), Dubai International Stakes (Gr. I PA)
                                                           AREEJ (Amer), Qatar Arabian World Cup &, Hawthorn Hill Arabian International Stakes (Gr. I PA)
                                                           ARC DE CIEL (Djendel), H.H. The Emir’s Sword & H.H. The President Cup (Gr. Is PA)
                                                                       GAZWAN (Amer), H.H. The Emir's Sword (twice), Qatar Gold Sword,  Dubai International Stakes & Qatar Arabian World Cup (Gr. Is PA)
                                                                       RATHOWAN (Amer), four wins in Britain and Qatar and second in the Qatar Arabian World Cup (Gr. I PA)
                                                                       IFTEKHAR ASF (Amer), third in The Hatta International Stakes (Gr. I PA).


After giving birth to a number of Anglo-Arabians, Nevada II was acquired by Jean Bacquela. Under his aegis, the mare produced Nevadour (Ourour) in 1970. Jean Bacquela bred trotters and Arabian horses in the South-West of France. The latter breed were earmarked to be sold as stallion prospects for the national studs. They weren’t invariably tested in a competitive ‘racing’ environment but their pedigrees were impacted by decades of selectivity at the French tracks. Nevada II was then sold to Jean-Marc Saphores whereas her daughter Nevadour successively passed through the hands of Guy Dell’Ova and Renée-Laure Koch. This bloodline is very much alive and kicking chez Jean Marc Saphores thanks to the Group I PA winning exploits of Rodess du Loup (Dahess) and Faucon du Loup (Darweesh). This breeder based in the Adour region told us several years ago: "I can remember a time in my childhood when there were Arabian mares in the Adour. However, moving forward in time, when I tried to buy one, it proved to be very difficult as you simply couldn’t find any for love or money.  The National Studs had doubled the premiums for Arabian broodmares at the time which reassured me in my choice of options. Finally, I managed to unearth one: Nevada II. » The breeder came in for stinging criticism from his entourage at the time as buying an Arabian mare, and an elderly one at that, was something very unusual in the context of the 1970s. Regarding this, Jean Marc Saphores recently added: "The mare had a very racing like physique but, at the age of 19, she was hardly in the first flush of youth."  She only generated four products for this breeder and the first foal, Chéri Bibi, was bought by Jean Marc de Watrigant. The latter told us: "I bought Chéri Bibi as a companion for a Thoroughbred colt. He was a likeable, well-bred type and one reared with skill by the breeder who tended to dispense with his male stock. He had the requisite quality and environment  to succeed and, so much so, that he did, in a certain sense, tread this hallowed path. He wasn’t a perfect specimen physically but he was a proper racehorse and namely: tonic and pleasant in outlook, as well as lively and easy to train. I then handled several of the best products of Chéri Bibi, including Cherifa who has produced a number of winners."


NEVADA II 1955 (Djanor ex Namouna, by Alaric V)

            Nevadour (Flipper)

                        Tornade du Loup (Tornado de Syrah)

SAND WITCHH (Burning Sand), Buzz Brauninger Distaff Stakes (Gr. I).

                        Câline du Loup (Manganate)

Sirène du Loup (Al Sakbe)

           FAUCON DU LOUP (Darweesh), Maktoum Challenge Round II, Naseem Stakes, Russian Cup (twice), Moscow Cup, Ministry of Agriculture Cup & Moscow Derby (Gr. I PA)


NEVADA II 1955 (Djanor ex Namouna, by Alaric V)

            Nivada (Flipper)

                        Kâline du Loup (Djouras Tu)

                                   Shamayl (Kesberoy)

                                               MABROOKA (Mahabb), Qatar Coupe de France des Chevaux Arabes & Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Pouliches (Gr. Is PA)

JOUDH (Mahabb), Qatar Coupe de France des Chevaux Arabes & Al Rayyan Cup - Prix Kesberoy (Gr. Is PA)

RAKHA (Mahabb), Liwa Oasis (Gr. I PA).

                                   Étoile du Loup (Blaise)

                                               LAHIB (Kairouan de Jos), Qatar Arabian World Cup (Gr. I PA)

                                               Aleefa (Kesberoy)     

                                                           LORAA (Mawood), H.H. The President Cup, Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Juments & Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Pouliches (Gr. Is PA)

                                                           FAZAH (Mahabb), Third in the Qatar Prix de l’Élevage and second in the Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Pouliches (Gr. Is PA)

                                   Câlin de Louve (Djelfor), Drinker of the Wind Futurity (Gr. I PA)

                        Salia du Loup (Manganate)

                                   Aurore du Loup (Darike)

                                               RODESS DU LOUP (Dahess), Qatar Derby des Pur-Sang Arabe de 4 ans (Gr. I PA)

                                   Kerbelle du Loup (Kerbella)

                                               AL ANGA (Amer), third in the Qatar Arabian Trophy des Pouliches, second in the Emir's Sword (Gr. I PA)


The equine stock of Guy Dell’Ova is discernible by the words 'de Carrère' added to the horse’s name. In his guise of breeder and trainer – activities carried out with the help of his son Éric – he told us recently: "Nevadour was part of a consignment of six to seven mares which came from Jean Bacquela. It was at a time when I wished to begin a Purebred Arabian operation. The sire and dam of Nevadour were unraced, but I liked the mare and the CV was a very good one. Sadly, Jean Bacquela, a man you could have confidence in, passed away all too soon, and at a time when I had planned on tapping into other bloodlines from his breeding operation. Conscious of the potential of this particular breeding line, we then sought to add value to the Nevadour line on the racecourse. The winners started to flow and the bloodline gained in stature. However, we are talking about a ‘difficult’ mare, for she tended to ‘escape’ all the time, and I found her wandering along the main road on several occasions. I later sold her to Renée-Laure Koch while at the same time retaining a certain number of mares which were related to her. It’s a family which exudes vitality and speed and one, at the same time, able to make its mark over different distances. At present, it’s one of the most sought after bloodlines in the world."


Renée-Laure Koch has bred a considerable amount of winners under the 'du Maury' suffix, in addition to producing stallions and the dams of winners from this line. She said: «"Several factors were responsible for me buying Nevadour. I rode her full brother, Chéri Bibi, while he was being paraded in front National Studs’ purchasing panel. He created a big impression under the saddle and I went on to acquire the sire Baroud III (In Chaallah) and the sister Nevadour (Ourour) as breeding prospects, and with a view to producing the same ‘outcross’. My decision gained added weight after preparing Bakara (Baroud III), the full brother to Chéri Bibi, for an amateurs’ contest at Pompadour which he, of course, won easily. Nevadour bore the strong imprint of her sire, Ourour (Duc II), which took the form of a powerful neck. She was a very well made sort with powerful hindquarters and loins which were solid and well put together. You could say that she had two engines: one in front and the other behind. Nevadour’s physical make-up was very distinctive for she had a lot of bone and short cannon bones. She left a big impression on me and her image remains ingrained in my memory. She was a typical ‘French’ mare which is to say that her muzzle was a bit straight but otherwise she had a very distinctive, expressive head. After buying Nevadour, Salia de Carrère (Baroud III) came on the scene. The latter, at the ripe old age of 35, is still with us. She is still very alert which proves that the Purebred Arabians have that little extra something in the locker compared to other horses. Salia’s magnificent head continues to remain in evidence and I dread the day when she leaves us. She’s an old age pensioner now but, when you take into account the current crop of foals which were born this year, the stud is home to four different generations of horses. Furthermore, I had cause recently to ask the necessary specialists to make a video of the stud – part of which focused on the facial features of Salia de Carrère which is something to behold."


Renée-Laure Koch explained:  "Nevadour made an impression on me and had a big impact on the stud. It was a stroke of good fortune to be able to have her. I think she stamped her stock with above average strength in the back and the hind-quarter regions. Dahess is a bit made in this mould. I’ve kept many mares from this line at the stud. This is part of a natural process which consists of keeping the sisters and dams of the very good horses. I’m very happy that the clients which trusted our judgement by buying female stock from this line have enjoyed great success. It’s a form of investment but one which has paid off in the long term. This bloodline, which is clearly one of the very best, is a very vibrant one. One of the common features of the family is a propensity for having such straight hocks which is noticeable in the progeny of Kaoe de Ghazal or No Doubt Al Maury. However, that doesn’t diminish their ability to gallop or even to excel in other disciplines. Panama du Cassou, competed at the highest level as a showjumper and he became a very good sire of competition ponies, whereas Adonis de Ghazal went on to become the French ‘endurance’ champion. So whatever the influence of the stallions bred to this particular line, certain common qualities have surfaced. Furthermore, Nevada II has continued to produce quality stock when bred to different types of stallions. In fact, many breeders owe her a debt of gratitude as regards either generating their first winner or when it came to enjoying an initial ‘major’ win. Throughout the world, one comes across stallions hailing from this bloodline and notably and, in the US, Virgule Al Maury and Kong are the respective sires of the dams of Paddy’s Day and TM Fred Texas. Similarly one can also dwell on a Tunisian example as Vent Dredy is the sire of the dam of Hajres."


NEVADA II 1955 (Djanor ex Namouna, by Alaric V)

            Nevadour (Ourour)

                        Nectarine Al Maury (Baroud III)

                                   NEVADOUR AL MAURY (Kesberoy), Coupe d’Europe des Chevaux Arabes (Gr. I PA)

                                   NO RISK AL MAURY (Kesberoy), Shadwell Dubai International Stakes (twice), Al Maktoum Challenge Round I (twice), Al Maktoum Challenge Round III & International Malazgirt Trophy (Gr. Is PA)

                                   NOUBA AL MAURY (Kesberoy), Hatta International Stakes (Gr. I PA)

                                   Nemosie Al Maury (Kesberoy)
                                               NO PROBLEM AL MAURY (Dormane), President of the UAE Cup Malazgirt Trophy (Gr. I PA)
                                               Nacrée Al Maury (Kesberoy)

                                                           MISTER GINOUX (Amer), Qatar International Trophy (Gr. I PA)                                  

                        Nerva du Cassou (Baroud III)

                                   Gabie de Carrère (Manganate)
                                               Ayisha de Faust (Al Sakbe)

                                                           EASTER DE FAUST (Mahabb), Qatar Arabian Trophy des Pouliches (Gr. I PA)

                                   Praline du Cassou, (Baroud III)

                                               Fatouma (Mad Oua)

                                                           Kerbella (Kesberoy), stallion
                                               KERRA (Kesberoy), 13 wins inclduing the Coupe d’Europe du Cheval Arabe.
                                                           LWSAIL (Amer), Za'abeel Stakes (Gr. I PA)
                                               PARADOR (Dormane), Al Maktoum Round III & Heir Apparent Sword (twice) (Gr. Is PA).

                                               Kera (Kesberoy)

 KERJAM (Dormane), Prix du Président des Émirats Arabes Unis

AL MUJAHAZ (Hafid du Bac), H.H. The Emir’s Trophy (Gr. I PA)

                                   NIZAM (Amer), President Cup, Zaabel International Stakes & Emir Sword (Gr. Is PA)

                                   Noorah (Djelfor)

                                               AL FATITH (Amer), French Arabian Breeders’ Cup Classic (Gr. I PA)

                                               RASHEEQAH (Amer), French Arabian Breeders' Challenge (Gr. I PA)
                                               SAMAA (Majd Al Arab) Arabian Trophy des Pouliches à Saint-Cloud (Gr. I PA)

                                   Danie du Cassou (Dahr)
                                               FANFAN DE CARRÈRE (Djourman), third in H.H. The President Cup (Gr. I PA)
                                               DAHESS (Amer), 28 wins including the Zaabeel International Stakes (Gr.1 PA) (three), Malazgirt Trophy (twice), H.H. Sheikh Al Thani Trophy (twice), Qatar International Trophy, GCC Champion Breeders’ Cup (Gr. Is PA).
                                               MUNTASAR (Majd Al Arab), Prix Manganate (Gr. I PA)
                                               BIBI DE CARRÈRE (Djourman), third in the Al Maktoum Challenge (Gr. I PA)

                        Nausicaa Al Maury (Baroud III)
                                   NICKEL AL MAURY (Dormane), second in the Al Maktoum Challenge & third in the H.H. The President Cup (Gr. Is PA)

                        Pistache du Cassou (Baroud III)
                                   NIVOUR DE CARDONNE (Manganate), Dubai Kahayla Classic (Gr. I PA)

                        Salia de Carrère (Baroud III)
                                   Sarabande Al Maury (Rainbow Al Maury)
                                               SIFFLET AL MAURY (Akbar) third in the Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Juments (Gr. I PA)

                                   Savavit Al Maury (Dormane)
                                               SIVIT AL MAURY (Akbar), The President of The UAE Cup - Malazgirt Trophy (Gr. I PA)

                                               SYLVINE AL MAURY (Munjiz), Shadwell Arabian Stallions Hatta International Stakes, Doha Cup, Dubai Duty Free Hatta International Stakes & Qatar Arabian Trophy des Juments (Gr. Is PA)

                        Naiada Al Maury (Baroud III)

                                   NEZ D’OR (Dormane), Al Maktoum Challenge Round I & Round II, Dubai Kahayla Classic (Gr. Is PA)

                                   NOREEN (Dormane), The Hatta International Stakes (Gr. I PA)

                                   NIRWAN (Dormane), Al Maktoum Challenge Round II & H.H. The President Cup (Gr. Is PA)

                                   Nyriad (Dormane)

                                               ALMAA (Amer), third in the Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Pouliches (Gr. I PA)

                                   Nelka (Tidjani)

                                               RAJEH (Jaafer ASF), Qatar Total Arabian Trophy des Poulains (Gr. I PA)

                                   Nisae (Dormane)

                                               MKEEFA (Amer), Qatar Arabian World Cup, Hatta International Stakes and UK Derby (Gr. Is PA)

                                               CHADDAD (Mared Al Sahra), Qatar Arabian Trophy des Poulains (Gr. I PA)

                                   Neilta (Dormane)

                                               NAPHIR (Al Sakbe), Abu Dhabi International Championship (Gr. I PA)

                        Nanoue (Marzouck)

                                   Ninou du Cassou (Baroud III)

                                               Cary de Carrère (Passem)

                                                           KAOLINO (Dormane), Kahayla Classic (Gr. I PA)

                                                           QUAOLINA (Kerbella), Liwa Oasis & Zaabeel International Stakes (Gr. Is PA)

                                               Branda du Cassou (Djelfor)

                                                           Manzana (Guytou de Carrère)

                                                                       Kahina de Monlau (Tidjani)

                                                                                  KARIMAH (Munjiz), second in the Shadwell Arabian Stallions Hatta International Stakes (Gr. I PA)


Val Bunting told us recently:  "I bought Danie du Cassou (Dahr) and Nerva du Cassou (Baroud III) from Éric Dell’Ova after a protracted period of negotiation, as this particular line was one of the few missing from the broodmare band of Umm Qarn. Nerva du Cassou produced several good horses such as Elios de Carrère (Manganate). He won the Coupe Al Asayl at Craon and was placed in the His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Al Maktoum Challenge at Abu Dhabi, and the Al Nahyan International Stakes at Kempton Park. Danie du Cassou, on the other hand, had already generated Bibi de Carrère (Djourman): the winner of eight races including the Al Hamraniah Stakes (Gr. III PA) at Nad Al Sheba, plus Ganie de Carrère (Djourman) who took the Prix de l’Élevage at Toulouse. Danie du Cassou and Nerva du Cassou weren’t necessarily the most attractive of mares. However, they were very athletic types as well as good walkers – in addition they produced well-made colts. It should also be said that breeding them to the stallion Amer worked like a treat. It’s really an exceptional family and one of the best in the world."

Alban de Mieulle reminisced: "I trained a fair number of horses related to Danie du Cassou and Nerva du Cassou, as well as those pertaining to the families of Dahess (Amer) and Nizam (Amer). They were straight forward to train and were also typified by their good nature and a certain ‘lazy’ streak in the mornings. From a personal viewpoint, even if they performed well over longer trips, they were horses whose optimum performance levels were recorded over distances of 2,000 metres or less. They were indifferent to the state of the ground."


The success of the Nevadour line shouldn’t eclipse those of the other strains emanating from this family such as the Nanou (Ourour) line.

Yves Plantin told us: "I acquired Nanou (Ourour) and her daughter Quovalina (Chéri Bibi) from Jean-Louis Caumont. They were the dam and sister of Sisinius (In Chaallah III), who was the first horse to race in my colours. Quovalina was neither very big nor distinctive and was of average build. However, her pedigree was an interesting one, as she closely inbred as a result of her sire and dam being products of Nevada II (Djanor). At stud, she was the dam of Quazar (Djelfor): the winner of the Prix d’Abu Dhabi at Deauville, plus the Abu Dhabi International Championship (Gr. Is PA) at Newmarket. This horse was to set a then French record for a Purebred Arabian sold at public auction after fetching 450,000 euros. I’ve kept a few broodmares from this family."

THE NANOU           LINE

NEVADA II 1955 (Djanor ex Namouna, (Alaric V)

            Nanou (Ourour)                    

                        Quovalina (Chéri Bibi)

                                   QUAZAR (Djelfor), Prix d’Abu Dhabi & Abu Dhabi International Championship (Gr. Is PA)

                                   VERDOYANTE (Dormane), Coupe d’Europe (Gr. I PA) 

Valina des Fabries (Djourman)

FALINA DES FABRIES (Dormane), Al Maktoum Challenge (Gr. I PA)

Dalina des Fabries (Dormane)

           OCYRRHOE (Al Nasr), French Arabian Breeders’ Challenge (Gr. I PA)

Vert Vene (Dormane)

           VICEVERSA (Vadeer), third in the Trophée des Écuries Royales (Gr. I PA)

           VIRE VOLTE (Njewman), second in the H.H. The President Cup (Gr. I PA)


NEVADA II 1955 (Djanor ex Namouna, (Alaric V)

            Java (Saint Laurent)

                        ROUMBA DU CASSOU (Baroud III), Abu Dhabi International Stakes (Gr. I PA)

                        Julie de Syrah (Djourman).

 JARNIN (Akbar),  Prix du Président  des Émirats Arabes Unis (Gr. I PA).

Verdure (Habdur)

 KAHZO (Dormane), Prix du Président  des Émirats Arabes Unis (Gr. I PA).
Samba (Baroud III)

VOLCANO DE CARRÈRE (Djourman), Prix du Président des Émirats Arabes Unis (Gr. I PA)
           ANITA DE CARRÈRE (Manganate), Abu Dhabi International Stakes (Gr. I PA)
Qu’Aty de Carrère (Elaborat)

Canelle de Carrère (Djamel)

           AREEM (Mahabb.), National Day Cup & Al Maktoum Challenge (Gr. Is PA)

Jody de Syrah (Djourman)

JALNAR AL KHALIDIAH (Tiwaiq), Prix Manganate - Shadwell (Gr. I PA)