The Purebred Arabian racing sector needs to mobilise so as to make its voice heard at the forthcoming France Galop elections


The Purebred Arabian racing sector needs to mobilise so as to make its voice heard at the forthcoming France Galop elections


Overview of the President of AFAC Axelle Nègre de Watrigant

"October 31st is a red letter day for AFAC (Association Française du Cheval Arabe de Course), when the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Breeders’ Challenge Classic (Gr1) takes centre stage. The Bordeaux raceday has the added attraction of a ballot which offers free stallion covering rights. It’s an event which is particularly appreciated by an increasingly supportive membership, and AFAC will add to an already convivial occasion by laying on cocktails.

The above race has been transferred owing to the changes made in the 2019 racing calendar, and we would like to thank Bordeaux racecourse and its president Jean-Michel Descamps for their welcome

This year the Sheikh Mansoor Global Arabian Flat Racing Festival and AFAC will each sponsor a children’s pony race. The passion for racing needs to be passed on and it’s important that a young audience becomes familiar with our association and the PA breed.

This end of year period is important for the sector as France Galop is about to stage its regional and national elections, and those elected will be entrusted with defending the interests of the different strands within racing over a four year period. So you will be required to vote twice in your capacity as owners and twice in your role as breeders – and at regional and national levels!

Electronic voting will come into play for the first time in the November 4th to 15th period.

It’s essential that members, owners and breeders of the PA, English thoroughbred, Anglo-Arabian and AQPS (Autre que Pur Sang) fraternities all mobilise their forces so as to ensure that the relevant teams are elected and in place for the next four years.

It’s imperative that those elected are involved, active and keen to engage on a daily basis. For playing a role within France Galop is a responsibility and not just a question of filling a seat. Those elected representatives shouldn’t hesitate to defend the viewpoints of the different racing sectors which they represent.

The territorial network of our regional racecourses where the majority of PA racing is held could be under threat, and so the organisation of PA regional racing could be in jeopardy.

The PA racing sector is one in full bloom and is by its very nature an increasingly dynamic environment as a result of its numerous sponsors, breeders and owners who share a real passion for the sport. We need to be able to weigh-up the decisions and ensure that we have a presence within those decision making bodies which have a bearing on the future of our sector!

So as to achieve this, I would ask of our dear French and international members, friends and those passionate, that you cast your vote for those lists of candidates which have the backing of AFAC!"

Logo syndicat des éleveurs pour liste régionale et nationale

An open declaration made by the Racehorse Owners’ Association of the South-West of France.

"Owners, owner-breeders and, to those involved in racing syndicates, I would like to say that our association is very much your one. Our very own electoral list needs your support so as to ensure that the voice of the South-West of France can resonate loud and clear at all levels. All manner of breeds are represented within the South-West region such as English thoroughbreds, Anglo-Arabians, Arabians and the AQPS breed, and its reputation as a hub of jump and flat racing speaks for itself.

It sits as the second most important training region in France as denoted by its centres of excellence which are Royan, Pau, La Teste-de-Buch and Mont-de-Marsan. This ensures that the South-West currently shadows the Île-de-France region in the pecking order.

We are volunteers within a transversal force in tandem with the breeders, trainers, jockeys and the membership which make up the South-West federation. We will be vigilant regarding those professionals training abroad, as they aren’t subject to the same constraints as their French counterparts. We will be supportive as regards the emergence of novel ideas and new faces, who are able to maintain the standards of the past while, at the same, bringing a new dynamic regarding the future to the table. The regional committee was able to obtain on a regular basis the subsidies needed for our racetracks and training centres, and with the optic of improving the training environment. It remains one of our strong points.

This explains why our objectives are the following:

  • The protection of our subsidies, travel allowances and owners/breeders’ premiums.
  • Ensuring that the correct 2/3 1/3 ratio remains applicable to flat/jump racing, and proactively defending the specific characteristics which we readily associate with our PA, Anglo-Arabian and AQPS breeds.
  • The creation of a publicity hub at regional level – designed to steer every racetrack in the direction of obtaining meaningful sponsorship. This will enable the racecourses to become more autonomous and facilitate their sustainability.
  • Improving the welcome afforded to our owners, breeders and all other professionals at all our tracks.
  • Maintaining the territorial network of our PMU (Pari-Mutuel) and P.M.H. (Pari-Mutuel Hippodrome) racecourses. They are the lifeblood of French racing.
  • Ensuring that our most prestigious tracks are in the limelight by organising top provincial weekend racing at these venues, and ones which pander to passion of the public and racing professionals alike.
  • Improving the regional race programme and particularly for younger horses and jumpers. This would not only enable the owners to see their horses race, but it is also good for a horse’s welfare as it would avoid untimely visits to the Paris circuit."