THE WORD OF AFAC:  May proves to be a month of twists and turns!


THE WORD OF AFAC: May proves to be a month of twists and turns!

The reopening of our most famous racetracks proved all too brief before the privilege of seeing our horses using the long straights to stretch their legs was withdrawn. Consequently, the racecourses in the red zones will have to wait a little longer before reopening their doors…

France Galop has continued to be on the ball in these strange times by modifying the racing calendar to reflect the fact that the Parisian fixtures have had to be switched to various provincial locations. Thanks to its many racecourses, France has managed to safeguard the essential elements, and so our top races will go ahead, and Equidia, or Equidia Racing, will enable us to follow the live action.

The Qatar Coupe de France des Chevaux Arabes (Gr2 PA) will be run at Angers on June 18th, and the President of the UAE Cup - Coupe d’Europe des Chevaux Arabes (Gr1 PA) is due to form part of the French Guineas card at Deauville on June 1st. Afac remains at the disposal of all and sundry as a provider of information regarding the modified racing calendar.

One must also highlight the exceptional support provided by our foreign sponsors such as

Qatar, the Sheikh Mansoor Festival, Shadwell and the Abu Dhabi Sport Council, but without forgetting the efforts of our French partners such as Club Hippos and Toulouse racecourse.

The reputation of the French breeding industry, allied to the rigour and quality of our racing programme, complete with its magnificent racecourses, clearly attracted them, and it has also contrived to maintain their support in these unusual times. It is precisely this which has spearheaded our French success story. The breeders and owners are truly grateful to them for this.

Embryo transfers

The month of May has also been marked by the ACA (Association Nationale Française du Cheval Arabe Pur-Sang et Demi-Sang) announcement which will limit embryo transfers as of 2022.

The new rule

As of 2022, only one product which results from the embryo transfer from a single mare is eligible for inclusion in the French Arabian Horse Stud Book during the course of one calendar year. In accordance with the decision taken by the ACA ruling council on November 20th, 2019, and after canvassing the opinion of SIRE (the organisation which oversees the French Stud Book), the matter was put to the vote. The ruling council and Stud Book Commission of the relevant organisations overwhelmingly decided to approve the motion. The ‘transfer declaration’ process will come into force in 2021. There will be a fee involved and the monies raised will be paid to ACA. Those offspring falling into the ‘supernumerary’ category will be registered as ‘demi-sang’ (Arabian part-breds), and no limits have been placed on this. So as to be totally transparent with the breeders, Stéphane Chazel, the ACA president, has expressed the desire that the minutes relating to the decision taken on May 12th should be made available to all.

The official documentation (see below) is readily available on the ACA website:

-     December 12th, 2018, The Stud Book Commission issues a 'recommendation' which will be presented by Xavier Guibert to the General Assembly of WAHO (World Arabian Horse Organisation) (February 3rd to 8th) at Sydney in 2019. The link to the minutes of the Studbook Commission 12/12/2018 is:



 February 3rd to 8th, 2019, the WAHO General Assembly, Sydney.

 The link to the report of Xavier Guibert is: :!AuBH4EI13zR4gscepj8adIgL4lfPNg?e=ua2xam


-     June 5th, 2019: The subject is discussed during a conference call between ACA and SIRE. The link to the report of the meeting is:!AuBH4EI13zR4gtR-qwMjYI7j_UOkSg


-     July 9th, 2019: The matter is discussed by the ACA ruling council and the decision is taken to  consult the breeders. The link to the report of the meeting is:!AuBH4EI13zR4g81xKE3msor0tEl1RA?e=OBT8Ka


-      October 10th, 2019: in a joint exercise undertaken jointly by ACA and AFAC a global e-mails was dispatched to 1,357 different electronic addresses.

      The listings were provided by SIRE and compiled from records of breeders which had bred their mares to stallions in 2018 and 2019 - with the aim of producing an Arabian horse.

      The link relating to the consultation process and questionnaire is:

-     October 11th, 2019: AFAC sends an e-mail designed to inform the membership about this                     


-      Of the 1,357 e-mails dispatched, 41.44% (562) were opened and, of these, 33.14% (186),   clicked on the questionnaire. A total of 139 responses to the google form were recorded.

       Click here to access the link which provides the results of the consultation exercise in graph     format:!AuBH4EI13zR4g81zDbL-bHr8n1ZYeQ?e=iEOY2u


-        November 20th, 2019: the subject is again debated by the ACA ruling council. Click on the

         link to access this body’s report:!AuBH4EI13zR4g81zDbL-bHr8n1ZYeQ?e=iEOY2u


-        December 4th, 2019: Discussions take place with SIRE to discuss the implementation

          process. A consensus is reached. Click the below link to access the report:!AuBH4EI13zR4g-hibZnFM-fpObkeFg?e=MgBJRJ


-       May 7th, 2020: Consultations takes place involving the ruling council and the Stud Book

       Commission before a final decision is made.

.      The relevant documentation relating to this can be accessed by clicking the below link:!AuBH4EI13zR4g-geca74OtppKIBVIQ?e=bNmcGh

  The link to the answers in tabulated form provided by the ruling council and the Stud

  Book Commission is:!AuBH4EI13zR4g hoQTUxdCiNIjtWxw?e=9UjcMV


-       Reference should also be made to the stance taken by the Stud Book section of WAHO relative to embryo transfer.

 So in order to protect the diversity of the PA breed, and add to the core strengths of our breeding establishments, without forgetting animal welfare issues, AFAC supports the decision of ACA. Our goal is to support ACA in its efforts to ensure that this rule is adopted internationally.