Dear Readers,

One of our aims this year is to continue improving the quality of your favourite magazine:

The French Purebred Arabian.

To this end we will be welcoming on board a new English-speaking colleague to our editorial team, Debbie Burt. Debbie will report to our editor in chief, Adrien Cugnasse.

In common with Adrien, she is a real specialist/expert and is also passionate about the Purebred Arabian. Her knowledge of the PA scene has been built up during the course of many years, and extends to all those countries which are involved in the racing of the breed. Consequently, she has travelled extensively and developed her knowledge, opportunities which have enabled her to build up her contacts’ book.

Debbie has an attitude which we really like and takes the form of a genuine culture, a

genuine awareness and a genuine spirit of being open to the international scene.

At a purely commercial level, and I’m referring to those wishing to use The French Purebred Arabian so as to be able to get their message across, are invited to contact the ultra-efficient French and English speaking duo: Élodie de Lageneste and Lizzy Sainty. They will be only too delighted to work with you by making themselves available to dispense the best possible advice.

Finally, we will be enlisting the services of a new editor: Guillaume Boutillon. Above all, Guillaume will be particularly entrusted with the task of ensuring that our own timelines are met so as ensure that a fixed publication date for each of our issues. To this purpose, you will be receiving a copy of The French Purebred Arabian on the 28th day of each month! We hope that you will appreciate the consistency of this approach.

Consequently, the year 2019 will be synonymous with a number of positive developments regarding the promotion of the racing Purebred Arabian, which is the very raison d’être for the magazine you are currently reading.

I would like to thank you for your continued readership and the trust you have placed in us for almost seven years!

Mayeul CAIRE

Founder of The French Purebred Arabian