The horse is deeply embedded in the culture of almost all the peoples on our planet. Since the very first known pictorial representations of the animal, we’ve had the required proof that the horse has played a major role in our lives and imaginations. Although Christ doesn’t actually ride a horse in the Bible, the quadruped occupies a prominent place in other religions. For example, the Prophet Muhammad used Al-Bouraq, the winged mare with a human face, for his ascension to Allah.

In early September, the anthropologist Jean-Pierre Digard, a specialist in the relationships governing humans and animals, gave an interview to the Monde des Religions. He confided to Youness Bousenna: "The horse provides humans with a rewarding and terrifying experience Furthermore, the French word 'cauchemar' translates as 'nightmare' in English, in other words 'mare of the night'..." Previously considered as an indispensable companion of daily living, yet feared and adored in equal measure, the horse has entered a new chapter following the advent of the age we associate with leisure. Its status is changing. Granted that the number of people which are unfamiliar with the rural way of life, and working with animals, is on the rise, then the less we really know about the horse. The decreasing knowledge of the horse mindset also equates to increasing numbers of people regarding this animal as a pet.

For those dependent horses for a living or live for the species, the 'nightmare' now takes the form of those portraying themselves as the animals' new best friends. Their objective is both a simple and terrifying one: to end the use of animals by man. This will put a stop to the pony being used for the purposes of carrying children to the bees from where honey is extracted. Similarly, the guide dog used to help the blind would be no more.

Throughout the world, activists which are well-funded/organised have gone on the offensive in a subtle way. In France, three multi-millionaires (Niel, Simoncini and Granjeon), having enlisted the help of the crypto-journalist (but a genuine animal activist) Hugo Clément, are clamouring for a "Referendum on Animals". Should 185 deputies support this, it will acquire Référendum d'initiative partagée (shared referendum status, or RIP for short, and no pun is intended) before undergoing the scrutiny of the Conseil constitutionnel (Constitutional Council). Subject to clearing these hurdles, and the support of the 4.7 million members of the French electorate, it could become enshrined in law and be applicable to everyone. For example, it creates the protocols designed to prevent animals from being kept in stalls.

By severing the link that binds man and horse, these activists are effectively airbrushing part of mankind’s history. As one of best and most stunning achievements is to have fashioned a symbiotic relationship with the extraordinary being that is the horse. In every relationship, there are ups... and downs. However, what really counts is the ability to create a long-term harmony from whereby everyone emerges stronger.

Buffon used to say that the horse was man's greatest conquest. However, this conquest isn’t necessarily a definitive one, as every individual is called upon to comply via the education process. Horse racing, given their place as the most beautiful form reservoir of interaction, linking mankind and the horses, a form of resistance to those wishing to separate man from animals.




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