I Want the Winner: sell differently to buy more easily


I Want the Winner: sell differently to buy more easily

Supported by renowned French professionals, I Want the Winner aims to propel the horse racing industry into the 21st century by drawing on best practice in other sectors.

France lags behind the other major racing nations when it comes to the syndication of horses and their online marketing. Everyone is aware that syndication of horses represents the future of racing as denoted by the Australian example. However, this has been slow to catch on in our country. The absence of a ‘virtual’ online marketplace is cruelly felt, and the challenge facing each professional resides in reaching out to potential customers beyond the confines of his/her own network. We can also see that the pandemic has really hit hard as regards those spheres of activity that did not meet the following criteria: the ability to operate remotely thanks to digital technology, ease of use and reliability. Bearing this in mind, and with I Want the Winner at the forefront, recognised personalities from the world of racing are coming together to give a boost to the syndication process and the digitalisation of our sector.

The principle behind it. I Want the Winner is an online sales and purchasing platform which provides a complete and secure service whose aim is to simplify the transaction process. The relevant categories are: horses-in-training, breeding stock, partnerships, stallion covering fees and stallion shares... It covers all types of racing breeds and anyone can sell on this site. The aim is to reach out to all players in the market: trainers, bloodstock agents, owners and breeders. Christophe German is the CEO of I Want the Winner. Valentin Adam is the development manager, and he also oversees the bloodstock side of things. They chimed: "Our project has the support of France Galop. The whole of racing will benefit: as such a platform enables the breeder to sell, the trainer to source new owners, and racing syndicates to sell their remaining shares... and it enables the buyer, and the first-time buyer in particular, to step forward with confidence. I Want the Winner aims to make commercial relations more fluid. It also strives to improve the valuation process of horses: as you can put them up for sale at the moment which you deem to be the most favourable."

Registration is free. The online sales process doesn’t preclude face to face meetings that I Want the Winner can set-up. Health risks are minimised and there is a reduction in transport, staff and accommodation costs... which increases the profit margin of the sellers. Registering a horse on the site is free. The seller pays four per cent at the time of the transaction. The buyer is required to pay five per cent, of which four per cent is payable to the bloodstock agent if he has acted as the middle man. I Want the Winner also offers personalised services from A to Z and namely: advice, valuations, management and automatic invoicing. Furthermore, the platform offers products and services in partnership with transport companies, insurers and banks.

Probity, clarity and transparency. When the seller registers on the site and publishes his ad, the I Want the Winner team then gets in touch with him and takes him through the various steps. The seller then receives various bids which he can either accept or decline. Transactions are secure and a particular bid price is then selected. Christophe German and Valentin Adam added:  "The buyer can take all the time necessary to evaluate what is on offer, for example the opportunity of purchasing a share of a horse-in-training with a bona fide trainer, which he hasn’t necessarily had the opportunity of meeting. In common with other goods that he is used to buying online, the prospective buyer will come across a displayed asking price, which the I Want The Winner team has defined in conjunction with the seller, and which reflects  market trends. The buyer also benefits from the work of the I Want the Winner team as they provide the relevant information which comprises: photos and professionally produced videos, veterinary certificates of sale, plus reliable up-to-date information emanating from official sources (France Galop and DNA Pedigree). Probity, clarity and transparency are the key mantras. We aim to provide a quality supply chain and, at the same time, matching it with a level of presentation that is just as good."