Zied Romdhane: "For me, Libya is the country of the future regarding horse racing!"


Zied Romdhane: "For me, Libya is the country of the future regarding horse racing!"


Zied Romdhane: "For me, Libya is the country of the future regarding horse racing!"

A familiar face in the Arqana milieu, Zied Romdhane has recently joined the team of the Deauville sales agency as a representative of the Maghreb countries. Born in Tunisia, he has agreed to talk about his background and new role...


JDG Arabians. – How did you come to work with Arqana?

Zied Romdhane. – Initially, I bought horses at the Arqana sales via the intermediary of Horse France (Robert Nataf). I later acquired many horses in tandem with Paul Nataf and Marc-Antoine Berghgracht. One thing led to another and I got to know the whole Arqana team. I had been working as an Arqana representative in the Maghreb countries for some time, but not in an official capacity. I get on very well with the whole team of the sales agency. This allows me to go about my business with confidence.


From where does your passion for horse racing emanate?

Like many people, I started out in the classical riding sector at a very young age. Subsequently, I very rapidly switched to the world of horse racing.


What prompted your choice to become a bloodstock agent?

The desire to become a bloodstock agent was triggered by my first visit to the Arqana sales. The Libyan market was really starting to take off and I started buying horses privately. My first foray as a buyer was the acquisition of three broodmares that I sent to Tunisia. This marked the start of my career as a bloodstock agent. My first purchases as a bloodstock agent were, of course, made at Arqana.


What breed of horses did you start buying?

Since there is much more racing for PA horses in Tunisia, I began by buying only this breed of horse. In Tunisia, I also set up a PA breeding operation... Breeding and racing PA horses thoroughbreds is far more prized than the racing of English thoroughbreds.


What are your best acquisitions?

I bought a lot of very good horses for Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. Most of them had already raced in France. In Libya, to my way of thinking, I have hit the target in the country’s top races with horses acquired by me at the sales. I also proved very successful in Morocco where I acted on behalf of Monsieur Kamal Daissaoui, and supremo of the Haras de l’Atlas. However, the name that really springs to mind is that of Green Bananas (Green Tune), a mare that we bought privately, and the future dam of a certain Audarya (Wootton Bassett)... the winner of the Breeders' Cup Filly and Mare Turf and the Prix Jean Romanet (Grs1).


When at the sales what kind of horses are you looking for?

I have wide ranging clientele so go according to their wishes. Some aim to buy horses which are capable of acting on sandy surfaces, whereas others are looking to target French races. I also buy a lot of horses with the fantasia [editor's note: exhibitions of local horsemanship] element in mind, for Libya. These clients are typically looking to acquire horses with a lot of scope.


How is horse racing evolving in Libya?

For me, and I’ve been saying this for years, Libya is the country of the future regarding horse racing in the region! Libya will far outweigh many other countries in the area over the course of the next few years. I don't know a single Libyan who doesn't like horse racing... It's a country of true racing enthusiasts. Furthermore, horse ownership is instilled in their culture. A few months ago, some investors went about financing the development of racing, and especially with regard to the meetings that took place in December (2021).